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Results from a University of North Texas study found a positive connection between the use of hearing aids and improvements in cognition in older adults who had already been diagnosed with moderate dementia, but the researchers note that auditory training results in more improvement than wearing hearing aids without the training.

The International Institute of Electroacoustic Music in Bourges – a French electronic music studio known for holding an annual music festival, international composition competitions and commissioning musicians to compose works – has donated their entire archive of digital music to the University of North Texas College of Music's Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia.

Paul Voertman

Philanthropist Paul Voertman, former owner of the city's iconic Voertman's Bookstore, will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of North Texas. Voertman will be presented with the degree May 13 (Friday) during the annual University-wide Commencement at Apogee Stadium.

Scene from Pale

The feature film "Pale" will be screened at the University of North Texas' Lyceum Theater. "Pale" follows the journey of two sisters who were separated during a post-apocalyptic depression and their attempt to reunite in Texas.


On May 9 (Monday), the closest planet to the sun, Mercury, will pass across the face of the sun like a little black dot. You can safely witness the moment through UNT's high-powered telescopes – and even take a photo.

Larry Austin, retired University of North Texas College of Music professor and famed composer, has donated his life's work to the college.


UNT Ph.D. candidate Jessica Beckham has spent years researching Texas bumblebee populations and observing how urban green spaces and community gardens are preserving different species.