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UNT's Rafes Urban Astronomy Center

Astronomy experts from UNT and the Perot Museum will be on hand to discuss the science of lunar eclipses, and attendees can use UNT's state-of-the-art telescopes to view the Moon.

UNT Greek Life Center

UNT's newest facility serves the university community and gives members of all 39 fraternities and sororities a place to call home on Greek Row.

Keith B. Alexander

Alexander, who was named director of the NSA in 2005 and served until he retired in March 2014, will speak in Dallas  for the University of North Texas' Kuehne Speaker Series on National Security luncheon.

Doctoral student Clare Carrasco received a fellowship from the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst/German Academic Exchange Service to research in Germany this coming spring and summer.

UNT Assistant Professor Xu Nie's research

The use of weapons and explosives in conflict zones is often considered inevitable; however, one UNT researcher hopes his work can help the military combat this never-ending threat with data the military can use to develop better protection for soldiers and civilians.

Instrument Petting Zoo

UNT's College of Music offers its hands-on event for children in grades 2 to 5 who want to learn more about musical instruments on Oct. 11 (Saturday).