UNT expert recommends toys for children with disabilities

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 15:47

Andrew Colombo-Dougovito, assistant professor in Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation, at the University of North Texas said that children with disabilities need toys that play to their interests and stimulate their sensory systems.

“For young kids (preschool ages), scoops for water play, making play dough or slime, light beach balls or scarves, and balance bikes can be great toys that are sensory-stimulating and build fine and gross motor skills,” said Colombo-Dougovito. “There is also a pumper bike, which helps build endurance for kids who struggle with balance and coordination on a regular bike. As kids get older, toys that help build success and experience are great. Toys like slow motion soccer balls or super-sized equipment can be really helpful to build confidence with skills.”


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