UNT faculty available to discuss topics related to North Korea threat

Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 18:55


The following University of North Texas faculty members are available to discuss topics related to the evolving North Korea threat of a nuclear strike against the U.S.:

J. Michael Greig is a University Distinguished Teaching Professor in UNT's Department of Political Science and also a faculty member in UNT's Peace Studies program. Greig researches conflict management and international conflict and will discuss topics related to international security, international conflict, and international negotiation. He is the co-author of International Mediation and has published many articles in Conflict Management & Peace Science, International Interactions, Journal of Peace Research and other professional journals.


Cell phone: 940-372-0964

E-mail: michael.greig@unt.edu


John Ishiyama is a University Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Political Science who specifically researches Russia and North Korea. He has expertise on internal North Korean politics and military preparation and has written several research articles on these topics. He is the author or editor of seven books and 130 academic journal articles in the American Political Science Review, Science, Comparative Political Studies, Comparative Politics, and Political Research Quarterly and Party Politics, among other publications. He is also the former editor of the American Political Science Review, which is the world's leading political science journal, and the current director of the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates on Conflict Management and Peace Science.


Cell phone: 940-300-6195

E-mail: john.ishiyama@unt.edu


James Meernik, professor of political science, directs UNT's Castleberry Peace Institute. He is the author of The Political Use of Military Force in U.S. Foreign Policy and U.S. Foreign Policy and Regime Instability and co-editor of Conflict Prevention and Peace Building in Post-War Societies: Sustaining the Peace. Meernik is a former associate editor of International Studies Quarterly and has published extensively in that journal and in Foreign Policy Analysis, Journal of Conflict Resolution and other professional journals.

Cell phone: 940-367-3727

E-mail: james.meernik@unt.edu


Geoffrey Wawro is the director of UNT's Military History Center and a professor of history. He will address any questions on U.S. defense and national security and has written about those topics for The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. Wawro is a former anchor and host of several History Channel programs and a former professor of strategic studies at the U.S. Naval War College.

Cell phone: 214-514-7224

E-mail: gwawro@yahoo.com




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