UNT faculty available to discuss Super Bowl topics

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 16:03

Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans has been nicknamed the Harbaugh Bowl because the teams have head coaches who are brothers — John Harbaugh for the Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh for the San Francisco 49ers. The two teams and two brothers previously met in 2011, to play a game on Thanksgiving.

As you prepare for coverage of Super Bowl XLVII, consider these University of North Texas faculty members who are available to discuss topics related to the game.

Trent Petrie, director of UNT’s Center for Sport Psychology and Performance Excellence and a professor of psychology, will comment on how athletes can keep their focus in preparing for an important competition that attracts national and international attention.

“It’s really important for athletes to rely on routines that have helped them in the past and stay focused on training and their performances. That means trying to minimize as many distractions as possible, such as saying no to extra media interviews, and friends and family members who want their time and want them to provide Super Bowl tickets,” Petrie says. “And there must be a balance between required social events and preparation the week before the competition, which may mean saying no to other socializing.”

The coaches for the Super Bowl should also minimize distractions and rely on support from friends as they prepare for the game. Petrie notes that both John and Jim Harbaugh seem to be trying to play down the “Harbaugh Bowl” attention.

“Both coaches have commented that the game is not about them, but about the players, and their focus is not on who’s coaching the other side, but getting their team ready,” he says. “That’s also advice that athletes can use – focus on what they can control, including their execution of skills and communication with teammates, and not on the other team.”        

Phone: 940-565-4718

E-mail: trent.petrie@unt.edu 

Bill Ford, senior lecturer in UNT’s Frank W. and Sue Mayborn School of Journalism, is available to discuss the advertising that will be shown during the Super Bowl broadcast on CBS. He has already seen several of the ads online, and will research viewer response to the ads and be prepared to discuss it on Monday, Feb. 4. 

Before teaching at UNT, Ford was the owner of his own advertising/graphic design agency in Dallas for 15 years. His clients included Southwest Airlines, Frito-Lay, and Disney, as well as many local companies. During this time, Ford served as president of both the Dallas Society of Visual Communications and the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Ford was also a creative director for Luminant Worldwide, an Internet solutions company, where he served clients such as aa.com (American Airlines), hilton.com (Hilton Hotels), and containerstore.com (The Container Store).  

Phone: 214-616-2224

E-mail: billfordaiga@yahoo.com 

Todd Jewell, chair of the UNT Department of Economics, will discuss the economic benefits of a Super Bowl to its host city, and how playing in a Super Bowl increases a player’s visibility for endorsements.

Phone: 940-565-3337

E-mail: todd.jewell@unt.edu 


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