UNT engineer teams with local startup to develop portable computing system

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 19:15

DENTON (UNT), Texas -- University of North Texas Associate Professor Shengli Fu has teamed with Dallas-based Myth Innovations to develop the Mi World™ Portable Computing System (PCS), which is a revolutionary next step for PCs and mobile devices. Mi World™ PCS is a secure portable computer, media server and personal cloud – all in one small device that fits a consumer's hand and allows them to carry, connect to and share their digital world anywhere – at home, at work or on the go.

The personal and business applications for Mi World™ PCS are endless. The Mi World™ device can connect wirelessly to up to 10 devices with or without first connecting to the Internet, and it can supercharge those devices by sharing the processor power of the other devices connected on its private network.

Through Mi World™'s ingenious technology, any smart device connected to the Mi World™ portable cloud can access the data and applications stored on Mi World™, and even the data and applications stored on the other connected devices, no matter the operating system. For example, an Apple device user can see an Android- or Windows-based machine, and vice versa.

"This technology will be valuable to so many people in so many different situations," Fu said. "For example, families traveling can use the device to access and store videos, photos and information; businesses can share and work on files with employees and customers; and teachers can use the device to share documents with students."

Cloud storage allows users to virtually store data and access that data from numerous devices, such as desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. Mi World™ PCS takes that one step further by making the cloud experience personal and secure.

Mi World™ is different from various personal cloud devices on the market because the consumer doesn't need access to the Internet to access Mi World™'s personal cloud. The consumer also would own the hardware, which provides more data security than storing data on clouds owned by corporations, said Myth Innovations President Jim Luckett.

"Data security is a big concern. Every few months news breaks about another corporate data breach or an issue like the Heartbleed bug," he said. "Customers want to make sure their information isn't vulnerable, and with Mi World™, a corporation isn't managing your data. You own it."

Luckett came up with the idea for Mi World™ after driving between Dallas and Houston several times with his family.

"This is really an example of necessity being the mother of invention," he said. "We would normally bring bags of DVDs along with us for my daughter to watch, but now with Mi World™ we don't have to. She has all of her videos, photos, everything, right there."

He teamed with Fu and UNT's College of Engineering about six months ago to develop the device, and has since seen growing corporate and consumer interest.

"I could never in a million years have found the brilliance of Shengli Fu and others at Discovery Park," he said. "We look forward to working together with UNT to take this incredible machine to the next level."

Find out ore information about the Mi World™ device online.

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