Kimberly A. Houser


• Artificial intelligence • Mitigating unconscious bias in human decision-making with AI • Using AI to detect bias in algorithms • Privacy law • Wearable biometric devices and the information they collect are not covered by HIPAA privacy protection • COVID-19 contact tracing is not regulated nor is it covered by HIPAA privacy protection • Privacy for marijuana use, including medical marijuana use, is not protected by HIPAA • Violation of privacy law by government data mining programs • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) • Diversity and inclusion • Using AI to reduce bias in hiring • Using AI to improve startup funding and increase investment in female-led startups • U.S. – China Trade War • International cooperation must replace the AI Race narrative • How the U.S. - China trade war will stall technological innovation world-wide


J.D., technology attorney


College of Business


Finance Insurance Real Estate and Law

Recent Media, Interviews, and Press Releases

Recently spoke at the European Parliament about gender diversity issues in start-up funding.

Kimberly A. Houser & Jamillah Bowman Williams, Board Gender Diversity: A comparison of laws and initiatives in the EU and U.S. (Work-in-progress). 

John Holden & Kimberly A. Houser, Biometric data ownership in the NFL (Work-in-progress).

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Devynn D. Case