UNT POD: Summer of '69

UNT POD: Episode 4 - Summer of '69
UNT POD: Episode 4 - Summer of '69

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UNT POD Episode 4:
August 12, 2019
“Summer of '69”
Written by: Erin Cristales, Melisa Brown and Kris Muller

In this episode of UNT POD, our University of North Texas faculty experts and alums discuss the important milestones from the summer of 1969, along with their continued reverberations. Ann McCutchan, a UNT alum and former professor of creative writing who penned a memoir in 2016 about growing up on the space coast in Titusville, Florida, perhaps sums it up best: “That was some summer.”

In this episode, we discuss:

● The moon landing and its effects on American ingenuity and technology
● The Stonewall Riots as some of the first, and most important, milestones in the early gay rights movement
● Woodstock and its celebration of music and the American spirit

Featured in this episode:

● Ann McCutchan, a UNT alumna and former professor of creative writing who witnessed the launch as a teenager growing up in Titusville, Florida
● Ron DiIulio, better known as Starman, a UNT professor of physics and astronomy and the director of UNT’s astronomy lab
● Suzanne Enck, a UNT associate professor in Communication Studies and an allied professor for Women’s and Gender Studies who serves on the Women’s and Gender Studies executive committee
● Clark Pomerleau, a UNT associate professor in the Department of History who teaches History of Sexuality and Gender History
● Sara Outhier, a UNT alumna and UNT music librarian for digital and audio services
● Hosts Erin Cristales, Melisa Brown and Kris Muller

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