UNT offers experts to comment on presidential impeachment

The University of North Texas has several subject matter experts who can offer opinions and answer questions about the ongoing impeachment inquiry and impeachment process. Please contact Kris Muller 281-704-7739 for interview opportunities.

Michael Carroll is an expert economist and can comment on what impact impeachment may have on the economy. He is a professor in the Department of Economics and the director of UNT Economics Research Group.

Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha (@EshbaughSoha) is an expert in American politics and specifically the presidency, mass media and public policy. He is chair of the Department of Political Science.

Michael Greig (@MichaelGreig) can discuss the impact of an impeachment on international relations. His research interests include international conflict, security and conflict management. Currently, the bulk of his research work focuses on international mediation, peacekeeping and the onset and termination of civil conflict.  Grieg is a University Distinguished Teaching Professor in the department of Political Science. 

Kimi King (@kimilynnking) is an expert in American politics, civil rights and liberties, conflict resolution, judicial decision making, legislative control of the bureaucracy and administrative agency decision making. She is a professor in the Department of Political Science and is often asked by media to provide commentary to clarify complicated political issues.

James Meernik is an expert in American politics, large-scale human rights abuses, conflict resolution and international criminal tribunals. He is a Regents Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Director of the Castleberry Peace Institute.

J. Todd Moye (@Todd_moye) is an expert in the history of the presidency, presidential impeachments and their impacts and is currently researching the history of conspiracy theories in the U.S. He is a professor in the Department of History and director of the UNT Oral History Program.

James Mueller is an expert on the topic of press and the presidency. He is the author of three books about the media: “Shooting Arrows and Slinging Mud: Custer, the Press, and the Little Bighorn,” in which Mueller researches period newspapers to explore press coverage of the famous battle; “Tag Teaming the Press,” an account of the evolution of the press relations of Bill and Hillary Clinton and the role the press plays in American democracy;  and “Towel Snapping the Press,” a book that explores the press-presidency relationship between the media and George W. Bush. Mueller can coment on media relations and coverage as they pertain to the impeachment process. He is an associate dean of the Mayborn School of Journalism.

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