UNT experts available to discuss 2020 national conventions, upcoming elections

DENTON (UNT), Texas — University of North Texas professors in political science and communication studies are available to offer in-depth analysis of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, as well as the presidential debates and important issues surrounding the upcoming elections including, but not limited to, topics such as:

  • How issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, COVID-19 pandemic response, immigration, pandemic-induced economic decline, religion and race and gender will impact elections
  • Historical and campaign significance of Joe Biden’s vice-presidential running mate Kamala Harris
  • Role of mail-in/absentee ballots and election security
  • Voters at the polls including turnout, acts of suppression and Voter ID laws in Texas
  • Overviews of voting process, including how the Electoral College works
  • Historical comparison to periods of divided versus united governments
  • What public opinion polls mean and how they can influence voter decisions
  • How shifts in political power can impact the U.S. legislature and presidency and specifically, what power shifts could mean for Texas
  • Foreign interference in elections and impact of foreign relations/policy
  • Foreign policy events, their implications and consequences of the election
  • Potential for pre- and post-election violence


Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha is professor and chair in the Department of Political Science. He specializes in American politics, specifically the presidency, mass media and public policy.

Michael Greig is a professor of political science who focuses on international relations, international security and foreign policy.

John Ishiyama is a professor and graduate advisor in the Department of Political Science. He specializes in international politics (particularly Russia, Central Asia, North Korea and East Africa), ethnic conflict and politics, party politics, civil conflict management and peace science.

Kimi King is a professor of political science who specializes in American and Texas politics, civil rights and liberties, conflict resolution, the separation of powers, federal and state court decisions, legislative control of the bureaucracy and administrative agency decision making.

Valerie Martinez-Ebers is a professor of political science and director of UNT’s Latina/o and Mexican-American Studies program. Her research areas include American politics, specifically race, ethnicity and politics (especially Latinx politics), women in politics, public policy (especially education and immigration) and survey research.

James Meernik is a Regents Professor of political science and director of the Castleberry Peace Institute at UNT. He is an expert in American politics, U.S. foreign policy, homeland security, large-scale human rights abuses and conflict resolution. 


Brian Lain is an associate professor of communication studies and the director of debate at UNT. He can comment on the upcoming presidential debates bringing in his expertise in rhetorical criticism and theory and the politics of representation.

Louie Petit is a senior lecturer of communication studies and associate director of debate at UNT. As a longtime debate coach and instructor of argumentation and advocacy, Petit can comment on effective communication in the presidential debates.  


Media: To schedule interviews and live on-air commentary with experts contact: 


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