Ron F. DiIulio

College of Arts and Sciences
(940) 369-7655
NASA news, Space Science, Astronomy, Planetarium, Observatory, meteorites, telescopes
As the Director of the University of North Texas Astronomy Laboratory Program and planetarium, Ron is responsible for the daily operations of one of the largest astronomy laboratory programs in the United States. Each semester, over 1500 students participate in UNT's introductory astronomy classes which have been developed to fulfill the academic lab requirements of non-science majors. The astronomy program's facilities include the Monroe Remote Observatory, located 50 miles North of UNT's campus, as well as UNT's digital Sky Theater, and the new Rafes Urban Astronomy Center, which recently initiated astronomy lab programs. Five years ago, NASA appointed Ron as one of about 200 Solar System Ambassadors from around the world, charged with the responsibility of sharing and interpreting NASA developments. Ron is also past President, and Board Chairman of the Fort Worth Astronomical Society and currently serves on its Board of Trustees. His works and publications include several award-winning video documentaries that have shown on PBS, including "Dark Noon", a video taken during the great solar eclipse of 1979, where he captured Shadow Bands on digital video, which to this day have not been successfully recorded by any other video crew. Ron also maintains an extensive collection of meteorites, many of which are on display in the lobby of the Sky Theater at UNT.