UNT System Center introduces new degree in sociology

Friday, May 24, 2002

DALLAS (UNT), Texas -- The University of North Texas System Center is offering a bachelor's degree in sociology for the Fall of 2002 at its facility, located at 8915 S. Hampton Rd. The sociology degree prepares students for careers in research, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Research sociologists also work for law enforcement agencies, hospitals as well as advertising and manufacturing corporations. They work as private consultants, manage family and child welfare agencies or develop programs for community, government, religious and youth organizations. Sociologists work in the Bureau of the Census; the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Health and Human Services, and the Interior; the World Bank; the United Nations; and the World Health Organization. The UNT System Center at Dallas will assist students in job searches and career planning. The center will provide resume writing, letter writing, job search strategies and interview preparation assistance. Students seeking a sociology degree take required courses in sociological theory, social research and social statistics. There are also elective courses in health and illness, race and ethnicity, marriage and family, and the sociology of religion. UNT's sociology faculty are well recognized in their field and involved in international research in countries like Ghana, Guatemala, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico and Sweden. Reference help from UNT librarians on the Denton campus will be provided through two-way video, an online reference chat room, e-mail and the telephone. Printed documents will also be delivered from the Denton campus. The southern Dallas center offers an on-site library, state-of-the-art computer labs as well as students services including financial aid, admissions and registration. For more information on the sociology degree call Dr. Dale Yeatts, Chair of the UNT Department of Sociology, at (940) 565-2238.

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