UNT System Board of Regents reduces university's 2007-08 tuition increase

Monday, July 2, 2007

DENTON (UNT), Texas -- At a time when nearly all major colleges and universities are raising tuition, the University of North Texas has great news for students enrolling or planning to enroll at UNT for the 2007-08 academic year.

Today, the UNT System Board of Regents voted (8-0) to cut $4 per semester credit hour (SCH) from the $8 per SCH board-designated tuition increase that was approved in February. At that winter meeting, when the regents approved a 2008 fiscal year spending plan for UNT, they anticipated -- that with projected state funding -- an $8 per SCH increase would be needed to generate $5.2 million per year for necessary university operations.

While taking that action, the regents stipulated a desire to reduce the tuition increase by $1 per SCH for every $640,000 above the preliminary expectations of what the legislature would allocate to UNT for its operations budget. This spring, Texas lawmakers appropriated -- and Gov. Rick Perry signed into law -- an additional $2.56 million for UNT's general revenue budget.

"I am proud we seized this opportunity to cut the board-designated tuition increase in half," President Gretchen M. Bataille said. "Rolling back our 2007-08 tuition increase is one of many initiatives aimed at demonstrating UNT's commitment to standing out as a student-centered university that takes seriously its charge of protecting and providing accessible and affordable higher education.

"Our aim is to give our students every opportunity to seek the education they need to help improve their lives, their communities and our world," said Bataille.

Other UNT programs recently instituted to help students with tuition costs are:

  • The Emerald Eagle Scholars program covering tuition and mandatory fees for about 400 incoming freshmen, who will arrive in Fall 2007 from households with adjusted family incomes that do not exceed $40,000 per year; and
  • Three new funding programs, beginning in Fall 2007, that will provide some level of tuition support for all UNT graduate students who meet basic qualifications.

Under the newly approved tuition rate, beginning in Fall 2007, a full-time student at UNT will pay $3,136.10 for tuition and mandatory fees when registering for 15 hours.

In fact, each additional hour beyond 12 hours (a flat rate based on the cost for 15 hours) will add only $50 more per hour, which is the tuition rate the state requires universities to charge per semester credit hour.

"Keeping the board-designated tuition rate flat above 12 SCH is another way UNT is encouraging students to take more hours and graduate in four years while keeping costs down," said Phil Diebel, UNT's vice president for finance and business affairs. "Graduating in four years will cost students thousands of dollars less than graduating in six years."

UNT's 1.98 percent board-designated tuition increase compares favorably to 2007-08 increases announced at other Texas universities.

"UNT's tuition reduction is a positive step for our students and our future students," Bataille said. "We must continue to provide the high-quality education and support programs students expect of us. But we also continually work hard to keep costs at levels that ensure our university remains accessible."

Fall 2007 Tuition Increases at Texas Institutions

InstitutionPercent IncreaseCost for 15 hoursUniversity of Texas at Arlington12.41 percent$3,597UT Dallas9.47 percent$4,012UT San Antonio7.66 percent$3,338.45University of Houston6.97 percent$3,853Texas A&M University 5.06 percent$3,817Texas Tech University 5.02 percent$3,391.50UT Austin (liberal arts program)*0.52 percent$ 3,835UNT1.98 percent$3,136.10* UT Austin sets different tuitions for its different colleges.

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