UNT Quail honors Chuck Ribelin with Lifetime Quail Conservation Award

Chuck Ribelin
UNT Quail honored Chuck Ribelin May 7, 2015, with the UNT Quail Lifetime Quail Conservation Award. Photo courtesy of UNT Quail.
Chuck Ribelin Lifetime Quail Conservation Award
Chuck Ribelin Lifetime Quail Conservation Award. Photo courtesy of UNT Quail.
Monday, May 11, 2015 - 08:53

DENTON (UNT), Texas -- Dallas native Chuck Ribelin has always enjoyed quail hunting in North Texas. But, over the years Ribelin began to notice fewer and fewer quail when he visited his favorite hunting spots, so he started asking questions.

"The more I learned about how many quail are disappearing because of habitat fragmentation, agriculture and climate issues, the more questions I had," Ribelin said. "That's how I got into pursuing conservation."

Ribelin has spent years working with legislators and Texas Parks and Wildlife to support quail conservation efforts across Texas, and sits on nearly every quail conservation board in the state. He also is highly involved with quail research in North Texas, and works diligently to foster research collaborations among institutions.

"Chuck is the most active participant in quail conservation in the State of Texas," said UNT Quail Executive Director Kelly Reyna. "Everyone in Texas who deals with quail knows Chuck Ribelin, his outstanding efforts in quail conservation, and his ability to out-walk anyone on a quail hunt."

Reyna and Texas Tech quail researcher Brad Dabbert, along with theirs sons, meet up with Ribelin each year for an annual quail hunt.

"Chuck's passion is putting more birds on the ground and ensuring the next generation is excited about quail, which is what I strive to accomplish every day with UNT Quail," Reyna said.

On May 7, Ribelin received the Chuck Ribelin Lifetime Quail Conservation Award presented by UNT Quail. The award is named in honor of Ribelin and recognizes individuals who, during their lifetimes, have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of quail conservation. The award was sculpted by Shannon Cain and depicts Ribelin as a hunter with details that represent his efforts in quail conservation. 

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