Public Service

03/21/2014 - 11:18am

The Big Event -- UNT's largest single day of community service. More than 2,500 students, staff members and alumni will give up a Saturday morning to do 40 service projects at 70 locations in Denton County, including the UNT campus. Many of the students will represent student organizations.

03/19/2014 - 12:56pm

UNT faculty and administrators, guest speakers and business leaders, students and alumni gather to share ideas on the theme of UNT and Its Community Partnerships -- A World of Possibilities at the annual Master of Public Administration Alumni-Student Conference on March 21 (Friday).

01/27/2014 - 11:47am

Funded by a National Science Foundation Rapid Response Research grant award, a UNT associate professor of emergency management, Sudha Arlikatti, recently returned from India, where she spent weeks conducting field research to assess flood disaster preparedness and response strategies that affect survival.

01/22/2014 - 2:40pm

UNT speech and hearing sciences professor Amyn Amlani and colleagues have conducted research that suggests smartphone-based hearing aid applications can be used as effective, short-term solutions for listeners with hearing loss. The study investigates the efficacy and perceived advantages of using smartphone applications as an alternative treatment option to traditional hearing aids.

01/13/2014 - 3:51pm

West Point graduate, war veteran and former U.S. Army Lieutenant Dan Choi will speak Feb. 6 as part of the UNT Distinguished Lecture Series. The program introduces the UNT community to the excellence of world-class speakers whose messages enhance student learning outside the classroom.

01/10/2014 - 2:14pm

Faculty members from several Nigerian universities are learning how to better teach their students about issues related to aging with the help of UNT gerontology faculty members. The program is part of UNT’s larger effort to improve the teaching of gerontology and raise awareness about aging issues across the globe — ultimately improving the care offered to aging residents worldwide.

11/08/2013 - 3:28pm

UNT Tinnitus and Hyperacusis Clinic provides comprehensive research, testing, counseling and treatment devices to help vets and other individuals who suffer from this condition.

10/31/2013 - 10:54am

UNT will honor its student veterans and other veterans with a full week of events, beginning on Veterans Day Nov. 11 (Monday). The events will be put on by UNT Veterans Center, the Veterans National Honor Society and UNT Libraries.

10/31/2013 - 9:24am

Dr. Guenter Gross, UNT Regents Professor of biological sciences and director of the Center for Network Neuroscience, and two of his former students will  discuss veterans’ issues Nov. 14 as a part of the UNT Libraries UNT Speaks Out series. The three speakers will participate in a round-table discussion about re-entering civilian life from a highly structured military environment.

09/20/2013 - 3:52pm

UNT's College of Public Affairs and Community Service will present a panel of community experts to talk about erasing the stigma of mental illness at the annual Fall Forum. Panelists will discuss how to get help and how others can get involved and take action, and some panelists will share personal stories.