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Paula Homer

The University of North Texas College of Music's UNT Opera will pay tribute to former Opera Director Paula Homer with the presentation of In Honor of Paula Homer, a night of music from the longtime director's past productions and favorite operas on Sept. 25.

A person with aphasia -- a neurological disorder that impacts the areas of the brain for language and is usually associated with strokes -- may have trouble finding the right words to say and also understanding others' speech.

Norah Jones

University of North Texas alumna and musician Norah Jones received a big welcome home Sept. 21 (Wednesday) when she returned to the university she attended before launching her Grammy Award-winning career.

The University of North Texas' student-run restaurant, the Club at Gateway Center, serves three-course gourmet luncheons to the community and opens twice a year for a limited time, giving students in the UNT Hospitality Management program hands-on experience running a successful business. Students oversee the entire dining experience, including meal preparation, marketing, budgeting, menu planning and staff management.

Carl Bernstein

Political commentators and renowned journalists Carl Bernstein and P.J. O'Rourke will speak as part of the University of North Texas Distinguished Lecture Series.

A team of researchers working in two countries and several universities, including the University of North Texas, has made a major discovery that could help fight some deadly forms of cancer.


UNT Ph.D. candidate Jessica Beckham has spent years researching Texas bumblebee populations and observing how urban green spaces and community gardens are preserving different species.